Digital Battery


Digital Lithium-ion Battery with LCD Display
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 98Wh/ 154Wh/ 231Wh
Mount Type: V Type / 3-Stud
Model Mount Voltage(V) Capacity(Wh) Charging Time(h) Weight(kg)
Intellicom 230S V Type 14.8 231 7~10 1.41
Intellicom 150S 154 7~10 1
Intellicom 90S 98 4~6 0.75
Intellicom 230A 3-Stud 231 7~10 1.4
Intellicom 150A 154 7~10 1
Intellicom 90A 98 4~6 0.75

Intellicom Fuel Computer

Intellicom models can communicate with selected cameras to display remaining battery capacity on the camera`s viewfinder.

Normal Run Time

When the battery is not in use, the battery calculates the run time based upon a predetermined 26W load.
PRO-X offers three kinds of capacity, so normal run time will be 3.7 to 7.3hrs. It’s very intuitively for you to select the battery which you want.

Remaining Run Time

When the battery is powering a device, it calculates the remaining run time basing on actual draw. Once the remaining run time displays around half an hour, you might prepare another battery for continuous shooting.

Remaining Charge Time

When the battery is being charged, the fuel computer calculates the remaining charging time and displays it on the LCD.

GP Battery Foundation

PRO-X intellicom models evolved from the GP models, including all the same features of the GP batteries plus the exclusive intellicom features.
-4-LED Power Gauge
-V Type or 3-Stud Mounts
-DuraCase Shell
-GP Compatibility

InfoStore Microprocessor

Each battery has the InfoStore microprocessor which stores vital battery parameters such as Battery ID, chemistry, cycle count, date of manufacture, serial number, and more. The microprocessor monitors the battery’s performance and communicates with the charger to optimize the life of the battery.

Communication with Cameras

Intellicom models can communicate with select cameras to display remaining battery capacity on the camera’s viewfinder.
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