V Type Mount
V-Type Mount Plates

V Type Mount

V Mount Plates
3-Stud - V Type Adaptor
V-Type Hotswap Adapter

XP-S/GP-S V-Type Mount Plates

The XP-S or GP-S mount onto the camera to provide a quick and secure connection with V-type mount batteries. GP-S includes a bi-pin power port to power an on-board light.
XP-S adds a Data I/O Camera Connection and Automatic Light Control (ALC). ALC automatically turns the light on/off in conjunction with the VTR. (Please check for camera compatibility.)

A-GP-S 3-Stud to V-Type Adapter

The A-GP-S is a temporary solution to allow the use of V-Type batteries on 3-Stud configured cameras.
It can also be used as a charge adapter, enabling you to temporarily charge V-Type batteries on PRO-X series 3-Stud charging equipment.

GP-TS V-Type Hotswap Adapter

The GP-TS Hotswap adapter mounts directly to the existing V-type plate on the camera and allows for continuous battery operation.
Because the batteries aren’t ‘stacked’ on one another, you can easily remove the depleted battery while leaving the other battery connected so that their is never ‘down’ time.
It can provide up to 380Wh at only 7.5Ibs.
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