Digital Series
V-Type / 3-Stud Digital Charger and DC Power Supply

Digital Series

Charge Positions: 2/4
Input Voltage: 90-240V AC 50/60Hz
Charge Current: 3.0A Max.
Power Supply: 15V 70/100W
Mount Model
Current(A) Nominal Charge Time (hrs.)
Power Supply
Output (W)
Dimension(inch) Weight(kg)
90Wh Battery 130Wh Battery 190Wh Battery
V Type XC-2LSD 2
3 (1battery) 
2 (2batteries)
3 1/2 5    7 1/2 70 9.7×2×7.7 1.7
3 (2batteries) 
2 (4batteries)
100 12.5×2×10.2 2.75
3-Stud XC-2LAD 2
3 (1battery) 
2 (2batteries)
70 9.7×2×7.7 1.5
3 (2batteries) 
2 (4batteries)
100 12.5×2×10.2 2.35

Multifunction LCD

PRO-X Digital chargers feature a large, backlit, multifunction LCD which displays charge status, battery type, serial number, charge current, chemistry, present temperature and voltage, charge/discharge cycle, battery capacity, and date of manufacture.

Voltage, Real-time Capacity
Model, Serial No.
Current, Temperature

Chemistry, Circle Times
Designed Capacity
Manufacture Date

Includes XC Features

PRO-X Digital Chargers include all the standard features as XC brick style chargers plus the unique Digital features.
The standard features include: Simultaneous and MultiChemistry charging, V-Type or 3-Stud mount plate options, 70/100 watt camera power supply, and a 3-year comprehensive warranty.

Battery Communication

PRO-X Digital chargers communicate with the batteries to acquire the real-time battery parameters.
From the information received PRO-X Digital charger evaluates and selects the optimum charge program for the battery.
By tailoring the charge program to the battery, the charger insures maximum battery capacity and service life.

Available Mount Plates

All PRO-X Digital chargers are available in either the V-Type or 3-Stud mount.

Camera Power Supply

PRO-X Digital chargers are outfitted with a 70 (2-Channel) /100(4-Channel) watt camera power supply suitable for powering most professional broadcast cameras or other field equipments from an AC main.
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