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                                  Intellicom   Battery

     Intellicom Fuel Computer

All PRO-X Intellicom backlit LCD displays your operating time in hours and minutes, a capacity bar grid, and percent capacity. The batteries¨ fuel computer samples the capacity and the discharge or charge load, recomputes and refreshes the displayevery 5 seconds
             Normal Run Time

When the battery is not in use,
the battery calculates the run
time based upon a predetermined 26W load.
PRO-X offers three kinds of
capacity, so normal run time will be 3.7 to 7.3hrs. It¨s very
intuitively for you to select the battery which you want.
Remaining Run Time

When the battery is powering a device, the battery calculates
the run time based on the actual draw.
Once the remaining run time deduct around half of  an hour,
you can prepare another battery
for next continuous shooting.
Remaining Charge Time

When the battery is charging, the fuel computer calculates the time until the battery is fully charged.
It's easy  for you to know how long
you need to wait ,which battery
will be ready firstly .

GP Battery Foundation

            PRO-X intellicom models evolved from the
            GP models, including all the same
            features of the GP batteries plus the
            exclusive intellicom features.


InfoStore Microprocessor

           Each battery has the InfoStore microprocessor
           which stores vital battery parameters such as   
           Battery ID, chemistry, cycle count, date of
           manufacture, serial number, and more. The
           microprocessor monitors the battery¨s
           performance and communicates with the
           charger to optimize the life of the battery.

      Intellicom Fuel Computer

                 Intellicom models can communicate
                 directly with select cameras to display
                 your remaining battery capacity in the
                 camera¨s viewfinder.

 -4-LED Power Gauge
 -V-Type or 3-Stud Mounts
 -DuraCase Shell
 -GP Compatibility
  Type Mount Voltage (V) Capacity (Wh) Charging Time (h) Weight (Kg)  
                 Intellicom  230S V Type 14.8 231 7~10 1.41  
                 Intellicom  150S 154 7~10 1  
                 Intellicom  90S 98 4~6 0.75  
                 Intellicom  230A 3-Stud 231 7~10 1.4  
                 Intellicom  150A 154 7~10 1  
                 Intellicom  90A 98 4~6 0.75  

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